Rachelle Cunningham works with an internationally based clientele of interior designers, brands and artistically passionate individuals to create personal pieces for their homes, their offices, projects and exterior spaces . If you are interested in a commission, please email with as much information regarding your desired commission (fluent in french & english). This will allow for Rachelle to best provide you with the appropriate pricing & feedback & time span to do the piece. Thank you in advance!


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Commissions for interiors, can vary in size, colours, styles etc. Here are a few examples of some works Rachelle has created for her clients homes. She is open to ideas and styles however she works pre dominantly with acrylics, watercolour, pencils & inks. She loves working with new artistically passionate individuals, realising piece(s) that explore her own artistic expression and satisfy the customers desires.   

Email Rachelle for any enquiries about creating a unique piece for you at-

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Rachelle works equally with other clients who prefer a more humorous style art with her infamous illustration style. Creating portraits, book covers, book illustrations, prints, menus, stationary sets, textile designs, tattoos, mural art etc. 

Email Rachelle if interested in commissioning an illustration(s) at-

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