Rachelle Cunningham is an illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist, who uses organic materials, writing, illustrations, and video to creates works that juxtapose the intangible and the living, interlacing them to create a visual narrative. Graduated from Parsons Paris with a Bachelors of fine Arts in Art Media & Technology, as well as completed an exchange program in Parsons the New School of Design Integrated Fashion Design bachelors in New York.

Rachelle’s work creates new realms that allow her viewers to enter and become a part of her fantasy. Her greatest love is storytelling and in doing so her Thesis ‘Amaranthine’ exhibited in May of this year in Gallery 24B in Paris demonstrated this whereby she created a set design of a re occurring Nightmare composed entirely of decomposable organic materials illustrating the lifespan of a dream. She plays with the idea of life and death and the cycle of it, but with a twist as she uses technology to bring the set to life with the story of her nightmare by using projection mapping of an animation that was hand drawn frame by frame, tying it all together with her own music composition. Her thesis work has took part in the BBC’s Philippa Perry’s ‘How to be a Surrealist’ documentary that aired in April of this year (2017). Rachelle Cunningham has done work experience at Oscar de La Renta, Sophia Webster & Marie Claire. She is now an currently working on her first publication ‘Amaranthine’ as well as working as full time illustrator.




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